Underwater Sub Scooter

A Unique world experience with an exhilarating cocktail of fun originality. 

The underwater sub scooter resembles like a road scooter, equipped with a large airtight capsule offering pilots and passengers a panoramic 360 degree view of the underwater world, breathing freely underwater. The water level inside stops at the shoulders.

The dive takes a little more than half an hour at a depth of 3 meters and is accessible even to people who do not know how to swim or dive! Bring only swimsuit and towel, diving suit will be provided there.

Important Conditions:

  • The pilot must be over 16 years old and the passenger over 8 years old
  • Not suitable for pregnant woman and people having respiratory and ear afflictions
underwater subscooter
  • Couple
  • Exclusivity
  • 6500 MUR
  • 4900 MUR

Submarine Mauritius
  • Adult
  • Child
  • Baby
  • 4900 MUR
  • 3050 MUR
  • 1400 MUR


Experience the most spectacular way of diving on board a real submarine

Discover the splendor of marine and coral life seating comfortably in our air conditioned cabin under atmospheric pressure at 35 meter depth. Trip is around 45 minutes where you will see the shipwreck of the “Star Hope”, Corals and the anchor of a 17th century galleon.

Special Packages
Exclusivity( Dive: 40 Minutes)
Sole Usage of our Blue Safari 600 (2 to 5 Pax)
30, 000 MUR
Honeymoon (Dive: 40 Minutes)
Sole Usage of our Blue Safari 600 including a bottle of champagne and a video souvenir ( from 2 and 4 pax)
59, 000 MUR
Lunch Package (Dive: 1H30)
Private submarine including a lunch by 35 M and a bottle of wine (2 pax)
71, 000 MUR
Champ by 35 metres (Dive: 40 Minutes)
Private Submarine including Canapes and a bottle of chamapagne
40, 000 MUR
Submarine + Subscooter (Free Lunch Offer) COMBO PACK
Submarine + Exclusivity Subscooter ( 1 pax only)9800 MUR
Child (minimum 8 years old)6300 MUR
Couple 2 Pax16,300 MUR